Jackson Swaby inhabits the world of art, with an output that spans the worlds of art, music, fashion and design.

Paintings of the past, present and future.

Time and space have always been a large part of my work. Capturing the passing of time and motion through space. Multiple framings and condensed moments.

It was through making music that I began to truly respond to my existence, to interpret and translate emotion.

It is the same emotional conversation that now carries my process of painting. 


His Fine Art background cultivated the way he thinks about music, seeing it as “a conversational tool of human energy”.

“The medium of house music taught me how to express myself through feel and vibe alone, and it is where I truly began to respond to my existence.”

See his works here
If you would like to hire me to work on your project through my audio/visual services or otherwise You can contact me here jackson@jacksonswaby.com Or direct message me on Instagram or twitter @jacksonswaby
Fashion output can be found through ‘Order Materia@ordermateria Major multi-disciplinary projects with his brother ‘Harrison Swaby’ @swabybrothers

Business enquiries jackson@jacksonswaby.com