Sky Painting 4

Acid-free 400gsm paper



50cm x 35cm 

£15 postage to UK. 

Outside of UK, email me for postage costs.

When I first finished uni, I started filming the sky. 10 minutes each day, not in a regularly repeated orientation, just finding nice framing and seeing it change. I can't remember how long this lasted, might have been a month, but I came to the conclusion that it was a waste and if I wanted to look at the sky... I should just look at the sky.

I was biking around the other week, took a photo of the sky as I have been doing and it reminded me of this time.

If we look, we see and sometimes we want to capture that. I think we like holding onto things as humans. It's just now we carry something around that can preserve a piece of that moment. I think that's fine.
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