Jackson Swaby - Twilight In The Apartment


The latest works that embody the warm, grooving, guitar-led sound that Jackson has been developing through his recent releases.

From the outset, the tracks delve more into the realms of Hip-hop instrumentals, with heavy influence and flow from house music. This boundary is crossed back and forth several times through the release.

The Beat Tape That Grew Up 

“Throughout the first half of this year, I have been exploring the world of making 'beats'. Not with a specific artist in mind to work on them, blindly creating a vibe for an artist to latch onto and spark their songwriting, something prolific in the internet age of music production. Producers and vocalists are pushed together through stores like Beatstars, where beats can be licensed and worked on without any communication between the two parties.A fine line exists between a 'beat' and a track with its own character, albeit an instrumental. The beat grows up, the formative period is over. 

Individually all these tracks now have their own story - I named them. As a Collective they contribute to the story of my summer.” 

Styled by Order Materia 

Jackson's music and fashion visions intertwine in the 'Twilight In The Apartment's’ visuals. “We styled this with 50’s inspiration, smoke-filled jazzy lounge bar colours, heavily contrasted by the featured ‘Acid Marble’ Jacket.” 

The jacket and shirt are part of Order Materia’s current collection, available only to selected customers, with the jacket to be made available to the public on the same day alongside the music. 

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