Jackson Swaby & Andrew Bisset - You Know What To Do


The collaboration 7 years in the making. Jackson and Andrew originally connected on SoundCloud when both artists were making drum and bass. Sharing production information and tips during this artistically formative time, intending to work on something together. Forward to late 2019 with changed musical styles, evolved tastes and several hiatuses between conversations, the collaborative project came into existence. 

These tracks originally started their life as part of a fruitful jam session, with instrumentation and live percussion used as the fundamental sounds and building blocks. Andrew's key flourishes and Jackson's guitar licks converse throughout the tracks, guiding the journey as they interject in the small moments of space in and around their phrases, often leading to melodic and harmonic overlaps. 

Music. Production & Instrumentation - Jackson Swaby & Andrew Bisset 

Mix & Master - Jackson Swaby

Cover and Photography - Jackson Swaby
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